Uganda’s Political Monarchy

U.S. buddy Museveni’s Uganda is a “political monarchy” according to a dissident general in the Ugandan military, Gen Sejusa. The suspicion is that Museveni is laying the groundwork for passing the reigns of power to his son, Brig Kainerugaba. Uganda is a strong partner of Washington and AFRICOM. Needless to say, the U.S. strengthening of the regime and the nation’s military is deleterious for Ugandan democracy.

“In May, police raided the offices of two local newspapers, Daily Monitor and Red Pepper, which published a letter Gen Sejusa wrote to army bosses, warning that people who opposed the “Muhoozi project” risk being killed.
Gen Sejusa last week told the BBC that Uganda was being turned into a “political monarchy” – a charge denied by Brig Kainerugaba. ….
Brig Kainerugaba has risen rapidly within the military, fuelling speculation that he is preparing to become the next president.
Gen Sejusa told BBC Focus on Africa that Brig Kainerugaba represented a “national project of Mr Museveni to subvert the existing political system in order to perpetuate himself”.
“The central issue is a political monarchy – a life presidency and then transiting [to] a political monarchy,” he added.
Mr Museveni has been in power since 1986, and has not indicated what his plans are for the 2016 election.”


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