Abby Martin – Media Hero

This is simply wonderful. I had never heard of Abby Martin before and don’t follow RT news because it is a mouthpiece of the Kremlin. Nonetheless, it provides a service to Americans as it provides, at least, a distinct perspective from the establishment media in the U.S. It is clear from her interview with Piers Morgan on CNN that she is working for RT precisely because it allows her to cover Washington and its allies critically. However, she was on Morgan’s show because she had taken the job endangering step of speaking out on air against Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Yet she did not allow Piers to make the segment merely about crowing over Russian propaganda – she took the opportunity to draw a parallel to the propaganda function of the U.S. corporate media. Piers Morgan of course objects, and is probably enough of a mediocrity to be sincere when objecting that he never self-censors. One hardly needs to censor the true believers.



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