Facebook and proto-fascism: Modi meets Zuckerberg

This is how the NYT headlined its piece yesterday on Modi’s pilgrimage to Silicon Valley:


Note how the headline presumes to have telepathic knowledge of Modi’s intentions. His goals are assumed to be humanitarian: he seeks to ease his nation’s poverty. Of course we could just as easily suppose his goal is to enhance the fortunes of the Indian elite and professional classes. How does the Times know that Modi gives a fig about the slums? In the article itself we learn only that “The prime minister, an avid user of Twitter and Facebook, sees technology as a way to lift India out of poverty.” I’m sure he’s very serious about that too.

The public meeting between Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg was “a mutual admiration session” reporter Goel notes. It is disgraceful to see the warm treatment a proto-fascist like Modi continues to receive abroad. The man who was implicated in the 2002 Gujurat riots and whose party has ties to the fascist RSS is now feted by the global elite. Modi has met with a slew of corporate tech titans during this visit to the U.S. and, Goel observes, “the tight connections between American companies and the Indian government were apparent.” To their shame, the article fails to add.



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