Mapping Aims, Strategies, Successes

Civil disobedience and effective protest generally must unbalance authorities and provoke an embarrassing reaction and must be “revolutionary, unusual, extraordinary, dramatic and drastic in order to be effective in placing the cause of a minority into the mainstream of national and international opinion.” (A Phillip Randolph)


  • Economic conversion from military contracts to manufacturing for civilian use
  • State specific efforts to concentrate on winnable targets (closing bases, etc) that can serve as stepping stones
  • Anti-recruitment in high schools


  • Objectivity in schools nationwide
    • Howard Zinn in the curriculum through PTA activism, etc

Open borders

  • The huge protests of largely immigrants on May 1, 2006 which helped forestall the imposition of draconian policies like the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act

Universal healthcare

  • Vermont has moved seriously toward a state single-payer health care system – building on localized victories, gaining strength through state by state victories can create snowballing momentum

Worker self-management

  • Advocacy for worker-run structure within progressive nonprofits (currently setup to be led by a board of directors and occasionally a membership base) as a strategic area of focus

Favorite Organizations

  • Grassroots International
  • Partners In Health
  • East Timor and Indonesia Action Network
  • National Religious Campaign Against Torture
  • Friends of the Congo
  • Resist

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